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Prakash was in shorts with jockey inners…Deepika was in the swim suit…It was visible on her face…That the suit was a bit small for her..But then...I guess she didnt mind it.Both of them plunged into the pool. I noticed that half the time deepika would keep adjusting her bra strap. Prakash and me were near each other and as usual it was men talk..About work etc etc etc. During out talks..I noticed prakesh eying nisha and I was eying deepika. Happens isnt it…When a women who is dusky with a awesome. I cannot shoot fruits and vegetables. Will we be able to carry their things if I make more travois?" I asked."I do not know, but we will be able to carry much more if you do. Maybe we can pack everything onto them," she said.I told her I would get busy and so Teechi and I walked off a good distance from the camp and cut ten poles. She had to give me special dispensation again so that I could drag most of them back. I didn't consider it dangerous at all myself. Even though we had walked nearly a. I turn the lights out except a black light and we lay down. Both of us still being really drunk we sit there and recap on the night and talk about who we wish we could have went home with. Me being drunk, horny, and hungry for JPs big cock I talk myself into bringing up the idea to see if I could talk him into taking my virginity. I bring up our past and ask him if he remembers when we used to mess around when we were younger, and he proceeds to ask me what do you mean as if he dont. Maybe he'd figure that he'd be safer in the water, or under the water.He pulled out his map. Where would he go if he was trying to swim out and get away? The golf course? No, you'd be too conspicuous. Here, he thought, fingering a spot on the map – near Reedy Lake was a nice isolated road. He could get to Reedy Lake well before a swimmer could. He could run overland. True, it was running through the swampy, overgrown woods. While he wasn't a very good sniper, he was very good at the obstacle.
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