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][As am I, her wing mate Zan took it very hard. There are times I wish I hadn’t opened all of your emotion circuits as I had. It has saddened Zan al...o, though my promise to work him hard to find her has him more determined.] Derrick advised Shelby.[That will give him the purpose he will need. I hope that I can be with you again a day sooner Derrick.] This news caught Derrick by surprise. [I was able to advance my regen without the adverse effects that the others suffered.][It will be good to. “That’s good now. Your were wonderful Robert.” Now the session of posing was over. “Let’s unwind with some wine.” We shared a bottle of white wine and our conversation went back to the posing. “ I am fascinated by the way you are able to go with the stages of arousal and continue the pose. Didn’t you feel a strong urge to touch your self and orgasm?” “Yes I did feel that urge but I also enjoy most of all staying on the edge of orgasm. It is like a whole state of mind, a sort of nirvana. And I. We had lost close to thirty planes and the squadron was broken the three separate groups. We worked hard to tighten our formation before the fighters jumped us again. “Alright men, keep your eyes open. They’ll be coming down out of the sun!” I gave a stern command. Almost like our prayers were answered, we saw several groups of our new fighters, P-51 Mustang’s climbing to intercept the German fighters. As we headed for home, we watched in amazement at the skill of our fighter pilots as. " Oh so does that mean I'm going to have a period soon?" I askednervously as I gulped down the remnants of the water in the glass."Nope not just yet but towards the end of it you may start to feel alittle sad and need a hug or two which is why I'm here," I smiled atMary but didn't really know why as she was telling me things I didn'tentirely understand and to be quite honest was a little worried aboutthe whole monthly cycle thing.Of course I sort of knew the biology of what was happening to me.
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