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’ Laughing a bit nervously, he added, ‘Hell, it was probably just an animal or something.’ ‘Yeah,’ I thought, ‘… maybe.’ I got in a co...fortable position and turned the knob for a thousand yards. If I did find a target I’d have to wing it for the over-distance. I started at the rocks and slowly moved up and to the left, looking carefully at every inch of the terrain. Finally I saw an anomaly, a straight line. Deciding it was the barrel of the VC sniper’s, rifle I moved the aiming point slightly. Sarah was softly rubbing my thighs through the silk and she pulled the gown back as Jenny’s left hand wiggled into my lap and I opened my legs to allow her better access.Through a haze of lust I watched myself, on the plasma, testing the ropes that were tied around my legs, which simply meant that I could only raise and open my legs, leaving me vulnerable to the fucking I knew I was about to get. Whilst Sarah opened my gown further Jenny dropped onto her knees in front of me, begining to. I told her "not to worry, I will be as professional as possible". She smiled and said "I know you will". I bent down to remove her pajama bottoms, then her underwear, I tried not to look but couldn’t help but notice the light blond curly hair covering the mound in front of me, I could make out her pussy lips, I could smell the smell of stale urine come from her VJJ, this gave my cock a bounce it began to grow. I left the room and asked her to call me when she was ready.About 5 minutes later she. "You've lead a hard life." She signed to him during a brief pause."Well," He then took a moment before he replied. "It hasn't been easy, That's for sure! I practically had to raise myself!" You live with you father then?" She asked unable to contain her curiosity."No." Hero told her flatly. "He's dead." Oh! I'm sorry I didn't mean!" Ryo-chan frantically explained."Hey!" He interrupted shrugging. "It's ok. He pretty much drank himself to death." Ryo-chan felt sick at heart for him."So noble.".
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