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PINKY(sister) : : looks damm sexy, 36-28-36 sizes,5′.4″ height, 18 age.SHOBA (aunt or chachi or chinnamma) : : Innocently sexy, 36D-32-38 sizes, 5...��.6″height, 39 age.JYOTHI(aunt or chachi or chinnamma) : : Hell like sexy, 38D-32-40 sizes, 5′.5″height,35age.RAJU : : tall and well built body, dark muscles, 5.8″ height, 8″ cock, 28 age. RAVI : : tall and well built body, dark and well built muscles, 9.1/2″ cock, 14 age.LAXMI : : sex bomb, chubby structure, 40D-36-42 sizes, 5.6″ height, 26 age.. He even touched me, just lightly and I didn't mind it for some reason, and he was asking me if I believed everything he said, and I told him no, but I didn't know what he was gonna say next either.He really was handsome too, I guess I kinda lied about that before. Or maybe it was just seeing him up close, standing up instead of sitting in his car. He had a great body, I could see that, even though he was wearing like a charcoal suit and everything, He had broad shoulders and a narrow waist and. I started rocking and the feeling was lush, the first time either of us had touched puusy together . We carried on for ages just gently rubbing enjoying the feeling . She said she was close , she started to go faster , i sprayed more oil and our juices with the oil started running down out legs. She was getting close , she started to tense her legs were straight , suddenly there was a gush of warm wet juice. She had cum all down my legs. Her body was shaking but i wanted to finish, I kept. They pulled this link tight and thiscaused more weight to go on my toes, the dildo went slightly further inand my back arched as my arms were forced back and down, and mybreaststhrust out even more.It was 3 pm in the afternoon and after taking some more photos Irealised that they had left a video camera there simply to record myfidgeting and groans.I could not have an orgasm because I could not really move.At 6 o'clock they came and lifted the whole arrangement moving me intoa waiting van in an.
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