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We had eaten, drunk a couple of beers and had the television tuned in. I thought this would be the best time to try and talk.“Mike,” I started, �...Is everything okay? I mean you seem to have been very quiet just lately.”“Yeah sorry Mate,” he replied, “It’s just that thing in the shower the other week.” He stopped and just seemed to drift off, so I filled the gap.“It was just some freaky accident, and at least you only landed on me.”He had a slight smile on his lips as if I said something he found. Her descriptions were so vivid;it was like watching; I told her I thought I'd like to watch her having sexwith some other guy, or maybe I told her I thought about a threesome, MFM.She said she might like that. When I'd suggest during sex that I was goingto call this John guy up she would buck and pant and cum like wildfire. One day I finally DID call John at his office and told him Julie wouldlike to hear from him; he asked for her number and I gave it to him. Afterthat call I walked around. " Mine? But I don't really have fantasies, either. I just want a hot, pregnant wife."Fantasy enough, some would say, but don't sell yourself short, Arthur. Perhaps you just haven't explored your deeper desires. How much pornography do you read?" Pornography? Oh, gosh! None since I was married. Deborah would kill me. Well, maybe a glimpse of 'Playboy' when I travel on business." Hmmm. Ever read stories on the internet? MCStories. com? Dark Or. Chato and I will amuse ourselves with these men while the attackers are dealt with."Chato, with George's help, passed the time by cutting portions off the guards' bodies while he was waiting. Of course they couldn't move, or even scream, while he was going about things, and George helpfully kept them from bleeding to death during his attentions.The attackers got the same sort of treatment from George when they arrived. They fell too, and could only lie there as I came out to greet them. Cowta.
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