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I had to fly out Tuesday evening and stay until Saturday.To say I was unhappy was a huge understatement. What with what I figured was going to happen ...ext door this week, I felt a need to be home. Instead of being able to take a few days off I now had to fly out of town for a stupid training class.My boss had made it clear to me what would happen if I chose not to go too."Matt, I know that the change in the class is bad timing, but it's the only time this year you'll be able to attend. Matter. It seemed as though almost every store in town had some kind of tie in to the Mayberry theme. Aside from all that, it was just a sleepy little southern town. Except for the winter weather, I could live here, I thought. Winters were bad enough in the Triboro area. I really didn’t need worse weather.“So what do you think?” Janet asked.“About what,” I asked.“Where should we set up the interviews?” she asked.“It’s a nice day, and we want to give him the idea that things are peaceful. I’d say go for. "Hoh" I gasped. He continued. The rush was coming. "Stop" I hissed "why?" he looked dismayed "Look - I'm not a you know.... prick-teaser - I am stark naked withyou in a hotel room , I'm not going to GO anywhere am I? But.. I AM going to CMOE if you keep going at my boobs like that" "Ok" he smiled . I seemed to have taken the uncertainty out of thesituation. He seemed to have calmed down a little, as a result. "Lie back" he said I lay, did as I was told, as he spread my legs way beyond any. ’ She got down on her knees and took the head of his cock in her mouth and licked it then sucked it. She sucked it quite a while then he told her ‘Deeper.’ She took more in and he felt her tongue rub him. Precum dripped from his slit as she sucked. He let her get used to his cock then he pushed on her head and she took more. He began shoving his cock in and out of her mouth fucking her before he told her ‘Suck the head hard’. She did and then he pushed his hard meat back in her mouth and.
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