Merritt and Derwen feel the same way. We want what is best for our families. Laudus will surely say the same thing; she has a servant’s heart and a ...reat love for us.”“She suffered unspeakable things as a slave. I have to agree. Laudus no longer suffers from those dark memories,” Palus added.“I could see a dark weight lift from her aura when she learned her owner was dead,” I agreed.“Laudus and her sisters love you for arranging his death. If nothing else, the slaver’s death closed that chapter. When I told Freda she said she would phone the hotel and arrange for us to go there and make sure we would have separate rooms. The next day she told me she had made the booking. We arranged to go in her car because she knew how to get to the hotel. On arrival at the hotel we went to our separate rooms and then had an evening meal together in the dining room. We seemed to to be lucky with the weather and we were told the forecast was good for the next few days. Freda asked me if I was still. ”“Wonderful,” he grinned. “That’s excellent news.”Her face softened. It was almost a smile. “Thank you.” She tucked her hair back again. “For everything.”“You are very welcome, but I cannot take much credit. Beauty did far more than I did.”Karen nodded. “So you said but ... I don’t understand it.”“Honestly?” Logan shrugged. “I don’t know that I understand it either. There is a lot that I don’t get about this place, at least not yet. For now, let it be enough that she is my friend, and that. I was so into watching them I never noticed that someone had sat down next to me until he introduced himself."Hi!" he began, extending his hand toward me. "I'm Hank."Feeling a little embarressed I returned the handshake."Nice to meet you" I replied. ("Oh shit! How much did he see?)To make matters worse this guy was ripped. He could have pounded the shit outta me right there.Turns out there was nothing to be ashamed of. As we sat and chatted the late afternoon away we'd both admire the same.
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