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M.s & e.d friend ab main khani ki trf aata hu dosto bat us samy ki h jab me 10th class me padta tha us samy mere ghar ki halt kuch thik nhi thi is liy... me ek dukan par kaam karta tha or apni padayi bhi karta tha to dosto meri dukan ka malik bhut achha inshan tha usko mere upar pura yakin tha ek bar usneApni dukan ki add ke liye panipat me ek camp lagya or unhone wo camp panipat ramlal chok par camp lagya to dosto wha par jane ke liye dukan par bhut larke the lekin malik ne kha ki dudi tum jakar. Rekha never allowed them to have personal communication."Whenever you want to fuck, you can come to my flat, it is safe" She wont mention that it was actually Vicky's money that was important for her. But Pooja says, Rekha never forced her, she was very loving. Real seduction.Jaya couldn't join her that day, so Pooja hired a taxi and reached Rekha's place. Though Pooja refused to accept any money in the beginning,Rekha would insist her to keep some, In thousands. But Pooja was scared that her. ”Frank got an odd look on his face. “Harry took out the life insurance on his loans, huh? All of them? Credit cards, too?”Sue nodded. “Everything. It was like he knew he was about to check out. We had money coming in from everywhere after the funeral. I really only work to pay grocery bills and such, and to keep busy. He really left us well off. Why?”“Well, he probably did know,” her brother-in-law said.“What do you mean?” asked his wife.Frank didn’t answer immediately. “Did Harry travel much. She soon pulled up infront of a nice looking little house where she parked and went to the front door and knocked. In a few minutes a black man in his late 40's opened the door. Sara smiled and said "Hi there my husband bought something and sent me to get it". The man said "You're Sara then?". Yes she replied and the man said "Ok please come in". She walked past him and he followed her into the front room where he told here to make herself comfortable and he would be right back with her gift..
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