“Steve would never involve her in something like that at her age,” Kara said. “Penny had her own celebration with Steve. Her mom let her spend t...e night. That was the last time they were together.”“Of course!” Jessica smirked. “Why am I not surprised?”“Their relationship lasted exactly one year - she gave him her virginity on her fifteenth birthday and they made love for the last time on her sixteenth.”“You do like your young girls, Tiger,” Jessica said with a smile.“I do, but as Bethany. Whatbrought this on?" Oh... I just thought she could use a break for a bit," Tom mumbled. God!His mother was going to suspect something was up. "It's only for the nextmonth." Unless Tom wants to do it longer," Karen added with a grin.Tom glared at his sister but knew better than to say anything. He'd doanything to keep her quiet, including permanently taking over her job ofdoing the dishes. If only that would do the trick."Well I think that's very sweet of you Tom."Chapter IIINot much happened. He wasn’t too concerned with the mark of the reaper on Tom, much to my surprise. He seemed to have a mentality of what will happen and there was no use in too much fussing over it. It was in complete contrast to the obsession I seemed to have the mark of the reaper and it seemed to have taken over a major portion of my life, especially with it popping around at completely random and inopportune moments.I had an inkling that the arrival of Sol Syntivon on earth would shed some more light on this. "I knew it was a lie my mother wouldn't challenge. Face it; she'd always thought I was a bit of a square as they probably called it back in her day. Not that she had done anything crazy that I knew of and she'd been married to Dad forever."Oh anything interesting... ?"I just scooped another fork of eggs into my mouth."Not really ... I'm going out with Sheila tonight," I said, "and won't be back until late."My mom just nodded. I knew that even though my father wouldn't be back until the end of.
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