..”“I am continuing my duties as family lawyer,” Mr. Van Dusen said. “Which now extends to you when you are in this part of the country. I wou...d have to brush up on Texas laws and pass their Bar exam to work there.”I shook my head. “I have a lawyer in Texas, thank you.”He smiled and nodded. “Shall we?”I nodded too.“Ms. Rosenbaum’s will was very concise. She left the entire estate to you and your sister. The details regarding the estate are included in the paperwork I’ve taken the liberty to. We’ll need to clean the apartment and turn in the keys, but that can be done on Saturday the 30th. How is Stephie doing?”“I’ll call her on Sunday, but last weekend she was doing OK.”“And how are you doing?”“OK, I guess. I know what’s going to happen, but I can’t say that I’m prepared for it.”“Just remember that all of us are here for you.”“I know,” I said.We walked in silence, and eventually returned to the apartment where Jessica made us some tea. We sat on the couch with our mugs and cuddled. "What do you have?" I have some Chardonnay chilled in the refrigerator," she answered. "There's also some whisky and soda or some of my husband's beer. It's some of that expensive imported stuff from Norway or something." The wine sounds good."She disappeared into the kitchen, returning about five minutes later with two glasses of white wine in her hands. She gave one to Sydney with a hand that was trembling."Why don't you sit down?" Sydney prompted, patting the couch next to her."Uh... sure,". I quickly swallowed his cum, not being able to enjoy his taste too much. "Hunter are you ok?" Oh...oh, yes felt so good...I never felt anything that good before." I had forgotten to bring some tissue with me, so I used my fingers to scoop up my sons’ cum. "I will be right back Hunter to clean up the rest of it." I quickly went into the bathroom and devoured Hunters cum. He tasted just as good as my other son. As I swallowed Hunters cum I could not believe what I had just done and.
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