All had worked at the estate for the drug lord, so no one knew the house better. All memories of his fearful employ were gone, replaced by "Lord Ashto..." and his kindness. Thanks to The Stuff, their loyalty was absolute and their new memories unfailing.But more than that, they would be partners (or co-conspirators) in his scheme to stock the place with his ideal harem. Furthermore, he loved the idea Michael gave him of making a beauty queen his main squeeze. Michael had worked hard to make the. " Oh," Hannah said suddenly running down after Amy, leaving her brothers and sisters with shocked looks.Hannah ran into Amy's room and found her crying on the bed. She walked over to her and, sitting next to her, gently raised her head and had Amy suck on one of her tits. Though this technique was usually used by the Anderson woman for calming each other when terribly upset, Hannah happened to know that Amy's mother also used it a lot.As Amy started calming down a bit, Hannah started fingering. Half way into the movie I started fingering Mel's skirt. She gazed into my eyes. I smiled. She leaned over and her lips touched mine. I had been waiting for the moment for a long time. "mmmm" I groaned. I layed down and pulled Mel on top of me. "You're so fucking hot you bitch" She said with a glimmer in her eyes. Her hands ran up and down my body.I pulled her off me standing up. I pushed her against a wall and kneeled on the ground I unzipped her micro mini. Pulling them down I pulled down her. And it will be because of you young lady. It will because of you ... The Jennifer Effect you could call it” and she laughed making her tits jiggle a bit in front of Jennifer. This in turn made Jennifer laugh so they both jiggled their tits together and both laughed.“The Jennifer Effect! Yes, I like that. It might even make you famous, young lady” said Mrs Maxwell.They both laughed again and gave their tits another good hearty jiggle.As Jennifer was preparing to leave Mrs Maxwell also told her.
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