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I was relieved on our fourteenth birthday, because now we could let our hands wander free. I could explore her ripening body and delve in the mysterie... of the female form. I still limited our activities for outside the bed, but otherwise I let us explore and fondle. Eventually, we masturbated together. And then each other. Finally, our flames of passion could be extinguished, at least for a time.On our fifteenth birthdays we made love to each other with our mouths.Finally, we turned sixteen.. You’ll knock that out in less than five hours.”I parked the bus next to the rear entrance of the Tropicana at 7:35am Sunday morning. Though I was tired of sitting behind the wheel most of the night, I was glad we pushed it. Now, we’ll have plenty of time to eat a good meal and get some rest before our first performance.We were on our way to our suites when Sherry told me, “The first thing we need to do, is send all our clothes we can spare, to the hotel laundry. We’re all about out of clean. Everyone around our table is now chatting away, no-one seems to be looking at the stage, and there’s people singing songs and stuff, then the compare announces ‘the lovely, voluptuous Vicky, who’s going to dance for us’. There’s something in the way he introduces Her that makes me look up, to see this Goddess walk onto the stage. I’m 19, a wanker, and I’ve only seen girls in my mags, apart from a few lucky flashes now and again. I’ve never seen a girl in a bikini for real and Miss Vicky is. Candle er aloi boudir nogno sorir dekhe ami r thakte parlam na..ami amar shirt pant khule chure dilam r boudik joriye dhorlam..amra dujon dujon k joriye dhore amader goromSorir gulok rograte thaklam tarpor boudir uru dutoi hat bolate duto k fak kore kalo kalo bal gulo k soriye gude ekta chumu khelam..r jib diye lal toktoke kota gulok chat te thaklam kokhono upore kokhono niche namiye chuste thaklam..jib ta majhe majhe guder futo borabor dhokachilam..boudi chotfot kore uthlo,,amar.
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