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But I have wondered since that day what it would be like to have someone with a huge dong and who knows what to do with it. I missed the feeling of stretched, you know. I've thought about asking Adam but, well, that would be a bad idea." A monumentally bad idea," Mary said. "Do you really think Adam would do something like to Sean? Even if you got Sean to agree, do you really think Adam would go there? I don't. I've had the same thoughts – particularly since I saw how well Adam can use. “Now you’re not going to be all precious and picky are you?”I had no idea what Eddie meant so said I wasn’t going to be.The following hours I flipped between no I’m having nothing to do with it and I wanted to have Dorothy in every way possible.Eddie made it worse by telling me what he’d done and how Dorothy was well up for it. If half of what he said was true then she was way more horny than any of my girlfriends up to then.Then as lunch came Eddie slipped off to the back room. I’d not even. He was a perennial pain in the ass, but he’d been mentally crippled when he ate the nut years ago. He owned ten shares of common stock, which was the minimum needed to speak at a meeting. Deacon knew he would speak and had one of the board members ready to escort the old man out of the room when he was deemed a nuisance.It bothered Deacon that there were people he didn’t know at the meeting. SSG was a publicly held company, but there were fewer shareholders than in big corporations. Most of the. Then he was kissing me again. His hand found my pussy and his fingers began a magical massage that felt really, really good. I might have called a halt to things, but just about then he discovered my clit and I melted. And so, when he slipped inside me and I did not resist in any way. I put my arms around his neck and pressed my body up against his. I will probably never know how much encouragement he felt from that one move. Dick immediately began rapid in and out thrusts. Every time his groin.
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