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Now i had never been with anyone but women before this day but at that moment i didn't care that she had a cock, it was very small, maybe about 3" or ...o long. I dont know what came over me but i reached up and grabbed her cock and started stroking it. When i did that she let out a loud groan and started riding me faster than before. I stroked her cock as she rode me and within minutes she said that she was about to cum. I started jerking her cock faster and then she let out a loud groan as she. The nozzle had a pulse setting. Joe brought it up to her breasts and let the pulses go over her nipples. Robin was straining in her cuffs on the rope, trying to get closer to the pulses. Keeping the wand just far enough away, Joe worked the nozzle down her body letting it stop at her clit. Robin’s eyes were closed and she was moaning softly. The pulsing water jets were working up and down her inner thighs, blasting on her pussy. Joe made sure to give her clit special attention. Robin’s. "I know stupid, let me show you," she winked as she said this. Guiding my hand back down, she let me feel the melty warmth of her vagina. She nestled my fingers into the folds of skin there, pushing my fingertips into the crease and pulling them out with a coating of slippery stuff that she dragged over the top of the diamond shape."Ohhhh, mmmmm...I like that," she said, looking down at my fingers. "Now, just keep doing that." I clumsily moved my hand up and down. "Smoother," she said. "Like. ‘If it pleases you, master,’ she said taking opening the door and sitting beside him. As they drove back home, James was thinking about all the things he could wish for, when a though occurred to him. ‘I don’t know you name genie. What should I call you?’ ‘My last master called me Desiree, but you can call me whatever you want,’ she said. ‘Well, Desiree it is. We’re going to get to know each other very well…’ *** ‘Okay, I think I know what my second wish is.’ James said as he finally arrived.
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