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“Rested. No. Yes.”“Well, darn. You too, huh? I’m in a dry spell that seems to have no end. Oh, there are offers, but I’m not into one-night ...tands, and well, with the academy...”As fourth year cadets, Helen and Xiao enjoyed some amenities that the plebes did not have. The former stripped off her civvies and dumped them in the refresher chute. Moments later, they returned freshly laundered. After carefully putting them away, she changed into the exercise clothing she usually wore during study. I want to breed you!”“Si, do that!” she groaned. “Your cock breeding me would be amazing, chica! Ooh, you are such a pretty futa. A linda.”“Yes,” I panted, not sure what linda meant, but it sounded sexy.“Breed my naughty cunt!” she moaned, rubbing the vibrator in circles on my nipple as she slammed her pussy down my cock, the anal beads rubbing on my shaft.I could feel each sphere. It stimulated the tip. My dick throbbed. She rose up, her pussy squeezing hard. My toes curled. My ovaries. After enjoying myself in this way for a few minutes and having thoroughly felt her bottom, I left her to herself for a moment while I went to a cupboard, Alice watching my movements intently. After rummaging about, I found what I sought, a riding whip of some curious soft substance, very springy and elastic, calculated to sting but not to mark the flesh. I was getting tired of having to use force on Alice to get what I wanted and considered it would be useful policy to make her learn the result. He nose pushed right into her, sniffing rapidly. It liked it and started licking her though her small shorts. It's saliva drenched the crotch of her shorts, making them more impressionable and easy for them to be pushed to the side. Megan remembered that she didn't have any underwear on as she felt his tongue started pushing into her pussy. Megan tried to hold her composure as the beast violated her with it's giant tongue. But she couldn't stop herself from squirming. Each lick seemed to have.
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