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“I love the idea ... it sounds ... terrific! Now, how do we go about seducing Cassidy?” Heather asked, “maybe by getting frisky in front of her ...nd triggering a response?”“We’ll have to be sure to order room service for lunch, too, and make it obvious that it’s because we’re so busy fucking, you know,” I chuckled at that idea.“And make it clear that we ladies are very bi and very open to sharing,” Nina added as I lined up my cock behind her to fuck her all over again.Heather caught the hint and. They then wrapped me in a silk dressing gown and took me to another room which I can only describe as a boudoir. Mr Brook sat at a dressing table.He smiled and told the boys to leave and then came to me and gently kissed me.“ In your role as a volunteer you will dress as a female at all times in school and will service the Alpha’s. The Alpha’s are the senior boys who have been selected by the Head .On occasion a Beta boy ( none volunteer/non-Alpha) may earn the right to be with you.”I smiled. I did my best to look pleased and to smile back. Her girlfriend saw our exchange and pulled her aside as we passed. I caught some of the conversation."What's she got that I haven't got?" Be serious. You've got the same thing. She just has more of it." Those are NOT real!"If I'd heard that once, I'd heard it a hundred times at school before I got Sandra Smith to authenticate them on behalf of everyone. It annoyed me, but it didn't make me mad. People choose to believe things that bolster their. And man, I was in heaven!She tied my hands with the towel lying beside me, pushed me straight, and started riding me violently. Throughout this, she continuously scratched my chest, and I continued to squeeze her watermelons.And by the way, let me introduce her figure to you guys. She had round milky white 34 C-sized huge boobs. They indeed were the softest ones I have ever experienced. That 38 sized ass was the perfect one to complement her figure.Now coming back to the story. I was.
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