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"Take off your clothes" she said.I did as instructed as she did the same."Come over here and sit by the edge of the tub. Don't get in yet".Again, I di... as instructed.She then picked up my electric razor and came and sat down opposite me.I was sure confused."Now give me you leg." Do what?" Give me your leg so I can trim the hair down. I'm going to shave yourlegs."My next sounds were unintelligible."If you're going to wear heels, your legs need to be clean shaven. Nowgive me your leg"."Ok".She. She came and stood next to me and teasingly laughed, “What happened? Too embarrassed to watch?”. I was quite red faced by then, which had her even more amused.She sat beside me on the bed with her arm behind my back and leaned over to put her head on my shoulder again. Then she turned her face slightly and whispered into my ear in a low sexy tone, “If you want me to stay, you can see all that and more tonight”. My heart was thudding in my chest by now and my mouth was turning dry from. That thought brought a deep sadness with it, and pained Harold's heart. God, he missed Victoria. With a deep sigh, Harold forced his thoughts away from the past, and focused instead on the entrance of the mall, which was before him. He hoped that he could find some kind of decent Christmas present for his granddaughter, and then leave as soon as he could. Harold definitely didn't like being around so many people anymore. All the young faces just served to remind him even more of his own growing. Although I was not much taller than her, I had weight and strength on my side, and I held her against the wall quite easily. That didn't stop her from struggling, and she gave a good reckoning of herself, until I grabbed her face by the chin and forced her to look at me."Stop that!" I said sternly through the ski mask. "I'm not going to hurt you." I hadn't really expected that to work but to my surprise it did. She stared at me with fear in her lovely green eyes, and in order to allay it, I.
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