Loving the way Amber was looking at me.For twenty-plus years I’d been faithful to Jill, the two of us only knowing each other's bodies. And then the...e last few months there had been Gemma and then Dee, but this felt different, more than just the sex there had been with the other two. At the time I didn’t overthink it, forcing the thought to the back of my head, but even that first time I knew there was a deeper and more emotional connection with Amber.With the smallest twitch of her hips, Amber. This protection took the form of three jump points. Artificial, one-way, local jump points that existed only in the single facet of our Earth, unlike natural jump points, which existed in many different facets.Imagine my chagrin when I realized that my elaborate technique of moving Sheb and Violet through two jump points to the meadow and then back to Earth had been based on a few incorrect assumptions and as a result, serious overkill!I could sense any jump point I'd ever been to in a facet. But there will be someone else. Do you still want to go?" Yeah I would. Can I?" I wouldn't have asked you if you couldn't. So get ready. We'll leave in 30 minutes. And don't wear jeans. Okay?" I have to get dressed up?" No, but just not jeans. Okay?" Okay. Half an hour."Bobby's mother left him alone with his heart pounding and his hands sweating. I'm gonna have sex again. I wonder who it will be. Will I know her? I hope she's not too old. He never once thought about the fact that his mother was. “You don’t want to be making student loan payments for twenty years!”“Ugh! No way!”“How are things otherwise?”Jasmine smiled, “It’s California! Sun and fun all the time!”“You know, I should have asked - did you eat?”“No.”“Then let me buy you dinner. There’s a salad place, a sandwich shop, a Chinese place, and California Pizza Kitchen.”“Chinese would be perfect!”I pulled out my wallet and handed her a ten-dollar bill, which I knew would get her far more food than she’d eat. She left, and was.
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