.uh…what was it you needed to talk about? I asked him. He remained silent for a few more seconds, sighed, then spoke. Its about Olivia. We got int... a fight yesterday. I said some things I shouldnt have. She broke up with me. he said solemnly. I didnt know whether to feel relieved that we werent talking about the other days events, or sad that he was in turmoil over the loss of his girlfriend. To top things off, I was at a loss for what to say. What did you say to her? I asked, trying to prod. Phir wo boli kuch chahiye ho to bata dena. Mein bilkul akela tha to thodi der baad mujhe pyas lagi to meine socha kyo na saamne se hi le liya jaye. Meine door bell bajaye ritu ne darwaza khola unhone mera welcome kiya. Meine unse ek bottle pani manga unhone mujhe andar baithne ko kaha us time unke ghar pe koi nahi tha mein drawing room me baitha wo pani lekar aayi or saamne baith gayi thodi der baatein karme k baad mein bottle lekar apne flat pe aa gaya. Phir kuch dino tak mujhe time nahi mila. Then the unexpected happened, daddy put his cock up against my lips. I started to speak, but his cock entered my mouth.“Suck me baby,” he said.Being a complete novice, I didn’t how to proceed, but daddy made it easy for me, he held my head and began fucking my mouth. His cock would sometimes hit the back of my mouth, at the entrance to my throat, causing me to gag. Daddy picked up on this and shortened his strokes. Soon he unleashed a big load of cum in my mouth. I immediately began to choke. I wore a condom and positioned myself behind her and pushed it in. She was loud at her moans and she did not restrain it. My neighbours might have heard her loud and clear! I did not stop her as it was arousing for me too. It was making ‘pa pa’ sound from smacking my pelvis against her buttocks.“Ah.. I am going to cum”, I grunted as I thrust into her. It was too stimulating and I could not last long.“Oooh, aah, wait.. “, she moaned as she built up her own orgasm.It was hard for me to wait when.
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