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But yet it's bittersweet for I'm only on my 2 weeks R&R and will return to this same airport for a plane back to Iraq in 14 days, the plan is to make ...he most of my 2 weeks home. I moved along with the river of soldiers, all of us flowing to baggage claims, all of us looking in the waiting crowd for that one face we have been urging to see, maybe a mother, a father, child, or friend, for me it was my wife, Kimmie. I seen her standing lost in a sea of Army uniform and unfamiliar. .. unnhhh... oh Laura!" she gasped."Oh! Oh... yes, honey, yes!" Laura panted, nearly fainting as an ineffable ripple of sexual heat passed through her flesh.As they twisted and writhed together, the bed began to creak and shake under them. The had begun in a slow, sensual rhythm, but now it was almost violent, a groaning, pumping frenzy as they both neared a climax. They came at almost the same instant, an uprush of explosive spasms that wrenched their striving bodies and tore involuntary cries. While at the same time, we gently pinch our nipples as our kiss becomes more passionate. I take Natalie's tongue and suck on it as our fingers move faster in her sweet honey pot.My fingers are twisting Natalie's nipples just hard enough, that she screams out in ecstasy."Aaarrrggghhh, I'm cumming Eunice!" Her juices gush from her pussy, soaking our hands and the bed sheets.Quickly reaching over to the tray, I pluck a large sugar coated strawberry. Holding it up to her lips, Natalie swirls her. Angie was first to her feet as she carefully removed the cardboard and slid it under the bed, cheekily saying “Waste not want not!”Bobby responded “I was just about to suggest we keep our little friend there!” he then continued, “Tell you what you slip through the shower whilst I rustle up some breakfast and then whilst your dressing I will shower and catch you up!” Angie shot him one of those looks and scowling said “You would rob a woman of her household duties of cooking for her oaf of a.
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