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Sheila and Nguyet untied me from the trunk, walked me to the toilet, gave me a pill to swallow and said I’d had my last beer. I did what I was told ...s Nguyet twisted my ball bag. Sheila explained that they did not want alcohol to interfere with them using me completely. They tied me to the bed with my arms and legs forming an X and put a couple big cushions under my butt so my cock was higher than my head and my balls were up for the grabbing. For good measure, Nyuget squeezed my balls again.. I immediately thought something was wrong with Kevin, so I jerked the door open, without putting a shirt on. When she smiled, I knew everything was okay, but wondered what she was doing in Atlantic City. She placed her soft hand in mine, and pulled me back, into the room, letting the door close. I felt her arms wrap around my waist, as her head rested on my chest. As I returned the embrace, I could tell we both had the same thought in mind… we were going to make love. I placed my hands on each. We set off and amid the general small talk I noticed the man taking frequent glances at my thighs, the skin almost visible through the taut material. "I like those " he said, nodding towards my legs. "Yeah" was all I could muster in reply. "I would think a guy dressed like that must be looking for some fun" he added. "What sort of fun" I replied, playing the innocent. "I think you know" came the response, at the same time he placed his hand on my thigh and gave it a squeeze. Then he took it. We looked at each other and laughed, it was an old joke between us. ‘Don’t think, drink!’ we both said as she handed me a cup of beer and we both took huge drinks. Then I lost track of her for a while.I was having fun, flirting with a lot of different girls, and there was a few possibilities that I would get laid. That’s when I spotted Chelsea, the first time I had seen her since I arrived. She was sitting on the couch looking lonely and upset. I had to try and cheer her up, so I went over and.
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