"It's a panty girdle silly. You wear them under the colored panties thatmatch the uniform so there's no chance any of the boys see 'anything'while cheering..."I wiggled my way into them and as I fumbled with my bra, I found myselfstaring at Stacey's curvy hips. Her tan panties were just a little bittoo small. Her full hips and rounded backside looked wonderful wrappedin the tight material. It was then that I noticed for the first time herperky breasts. I actually heard a voice in my head. She helped me slide one shoulder-strap out of her left tee armhole and down to her elbow, pull it off past her hand, and then extract the whole bra from the opposite sleeve. I tossed it across the room and ogled her nipples and the delicious breast shapes just under her tee.“Oooh,” she gasped.“What sort of panties have you got on?” I asked, in true youth style. I couldn’t see or even feel any under her tight, short skirt.“Not saying,” she teased, wiggling her hips between my hands. I went and. ." she trailed off. No responce came. She edged closer and placed the cup on the desk. He turned to her suddenly, she could see in the semi dark that he had beautiful skin and wore none framed glasses."I know who you are" he said in a deep masculine, yet proper tone. "I also know that you've become intriged by me, that's why you are down here tonight, other nights you would come down but not dare open the door, but tonight your curiosity has gotten the better. We accept all races and orientations, but I only make use of straight white guys. People of color suffer enough abuse, without having to deal with me.However, I have found that the gay boys, and those of color can be useful in breaking and training my bitches. So everyone serves a purpose. And everyone (who isn't one of my targets) enjoys living in my building.I usually focus on young guys who have lived a life of privilege. Not necessarily super rich, but well-off financially. They may.
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