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"Oh, man!" Artemis muttered, "I REALLY hate the rain... !"Minako was leaning against a lamppost several blocks away when Artemis finally caught up to Her arms were folded across her chest, hugging herself against the cold as she forlornly stared at the ground."Hey," said the cat, shivering as the rain made him look more like a drowned rat.Minako looked up and Artemis could tell that she'd been crying. "Oh dear," he replied mostly to himself, "Minako-chan, what's wrong?"She just shook her. Sometimes it went quickly, sometimes, not so much.“You might not care,” Jen said eventually, voice soft and delicate, “but ... he might. He—”“I don’t mind,” the enormous creature rumbled, his own voice quiet, despite the thick bass. “Take as long as you want.”Triss lifted her head and looked to the creature on the throne. He didn’t move. No tail slithering, no wing shaking, no breathing, nothing. The only movement she’d noticed after he took his perch, was when he bothered to say something.. Couple of museums,” Deena said.We’d done it before.“And a night in a hotel far away...” I sighed. “Whatever shall we do for entertainment?”My Bill smiled. Yeah, the boy’s spoiled rotten. Deena and I make a point of NEVER letting him do a day without some particularly joyous coupling and his enthusiasm has yet to flag.“Plus,” I continued, “Two hours IFR time each way.”“I can’t believe Cindy’s posting a Pilatus here,” Bill said.“We talked about it,” I replied. “Dunno how it’s gonna work, but two. That simple display of concern rose my spirits to unbelievable heights. It was the first indication that he might want some sort of relationship with me even if I couldn't become the kind of partner he wanted. I replied with, "feeling very contrite and preparing to take my medicine". He knew that by medicine I meant punishment.We continued with daily texts as I made arrangements and thought about what I would say to him when we met. It was difficult, but I waited until the evening of the 6th.
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