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. Иди отсюда! - и я замахнулась на него полотенцем.-Ну Наташ, прости, я не попал... Ну п...�ости... Хочешь… хочешь я прямо сейчас залижу свою вину? - завилял хвостом мужчина.-Нет, не хочу, - напустив на себя показную суровость отозвалась я, - обойдусь! - хотя на самом деле, мне, не так уж и сильно было больно, но проучить гаденыша было нужно, так... для острастки, что бы знал, - ты ещё здесь? Выйди вон и закрой снаружи дверь.-Ну Наташ...-Не нукай! Выйди отсюда... Ну? - уперлась я. Главное сейчас. Boris looked down at her seriously, and told her. “That big tall ass freshman told me in no uncertain terms, that was pissing on any, and all stumps around those three females that were seen around him. And would fight to the death about their pussies, as he had broken all of them in. And as he put it he damn sure don’t share! So go ahead and fuck with those three at your own risk!”Boris went on to tell her that the kid put it out there that between him and those three girls pain would be the. I asked what she was doing for a living, and she gave me a vague, 'working as security for a state agency, ' answer. That was near what he had said to me, before I threatened to feed him his own balls for dinner one night. He didn't tell me everything, but enough to explain his many late-night absences. He wasn't old enough to die from a heart attack. They wouldn't let me see him, after he died. It was a closed casket funeral.Having Lisa back, made up for most of the dreariness my life had. A journalist but he got kicked out by the nurses.”“No-one else from school or other friends?”He shook his head. “I just split up with my girlfriend. I was in town to cheer myself up getting a couple of graphic novels when…”He shrugged. “Anyone from the bus company?” He shook his head. Angela felt angry.“They say the driver was drunk or d**gged up or something. They’re probably more worried about court cases than anything else.”He shrugged again, “ACC have been good. No worries.”They carried on.
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