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Thinking Harold probably got a new TV installed, she heads into the house and into the living room. The old TV still hangs on the wall shattered. Ma...ilyn hears a drill from upstairs and goes to investigate. Getting to the top of the stairs she sees two construction guys standing in front of the guest room at the end of the hall. One is kneeling and appears to be installing a new doorknob and lock on the door and is in the process of testing the lock. The other man looks over and after an. I have to be NORMAL. I can't let my submissive fantasies and desires run wild; everyone will think I'm weird! And maybe there is something wrong with me ... No, I have to keep cool, act normal, even play a little hard to get if I can.Hell, I'm a very impressive woman in my own right! Everyone says I have a "perfect ten" body and a gorgeous face, and that my breasts are to die for. Alan should be going ga-ga over ME! Confidence! That's what I need: confidence! I can do this! I'm gonna wow him. Once there, Sarah's Clan said in unison, "Please continue to eat while we share with you what we've learned today, as well as touching on some related topics."This won't be quite what we had in mind for tonight when we were at breakfast. First we would like to introduce a new member of the ship's command staff. Aoife, would you stand up." She stood, smiling with a slight glow around her."Even though she is a part of the ship's command staff and will be on the bridge, that doesn't mean she is a. .." Would you do that?" Beth asked."No. At least, I don't THINK so," Teela sighed. "But I'm feeling kind of ... possessive." Maybe we should do girl talk," Beth murmured. Raising her voice, she called, "Terence!" Yeah?" The answer came from somewhere at the back of the house."I need the bedroom for the girls, Sweetie. Grab a towel and come out and join the boys for a bit, will you?" Okay." Moments later, Terence arrived, holding a towel before him to mask his erection, but otherwise nude..
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