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It wasJosie's slow time of year, and she was more than happy to help. Seems herknowing the dresses were for me turned her on a bit. It made for some...nteresting fitting sessions as she incessantly teased me while she wasdoing the fittings. I think she did a few more fittings than she wouldfor most costumes. Katie and I had one simple rule in our marriage. Icould be penetrated by anyone, but I could do no penetration. More thanone of our fitting sessions with Josie ended up in all of us. As I ran to what looked like a bathroom, I stoodthere lifting the seat up as I started to drain the sea monster, stillfeeling that strangeness in my body. I noticed the mirror in front of me,looking at it as I noticed that I looked a bit odd. My face looked a bitrounder and my lips a bit plumper. I felt shorter too, by at least a fewinches. I also looked down and noticed that my body hair was missing...hmm well this is strange, while my head was tilted down, I saw my hairfall in front of my. I don’t remember any of their people skinning or processing the meat for the freezer. They received unwrapped meat for cooking. They probably do not know that you have to wrap the meat, or it will be freezer burned by the time you try to eat it, and it will be dry, tough and tasteless. A little freezer burn can be cut out but if the whole thing is burned, then it is useless. The people won’t put up with that for very long before they will be begging to come back here.”“I see Bob; I think you. I put my right leg over his leg and i could feel his dick rubbing against my thigh. i told him "relax grandpa, ill take care of you".i got closer to his face and started passionately kissing him, as our tongues collided i started rubbing his dick through his pants, and he grabbed a big handful of my ass. he started getting hard so i unzipped his pants and out popped out his dick. his dick wasnt big it was about 5 inches hard, but i didnt care my mission was to make this fat ugly old man's dream.
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