The movies they'd watched at her place or his while she sat next to him eating popcorn. Crying into each other's shoulders as they dealt with the late...t break ups and the celebrations for the latest promotions. They had always been there together through everything. Tonight, everything had been perfect, with dinner, the flowers and the walk along the river. He's been right in front of her all this time.Her mind came back to the present moment as he was saying goodnight and apologizing for the. “Yeah. You didn’t know that?” I shook my head, but before I could answer, he asked, “Don’t they teach you any local history in school?”I laughed at that. “Sure, they do! Way back at Matucket Plains we all learned how the mighty Captain Matthew Matucket led a group of intrepid and courageous pioneers on a trailblazing and pathfinding journey into the Godforsaken wilderness of West Georgia, bringing civilization with them. It wasn’t until many years later that we learned that none of this was. Using her equipment, she is also able to assist synths that have escaped from the Institute. My ... host ... was injured, brain dead. She was able to use her equipment to move me into that body, so that I may have human inspiration to help with my scientific and medical research. And I have found ... other ... human things to also be worthy of study.”“Oh? Such as?”, the doctor asked.I interrupted. “We’ll get into that, later. Let’s get things going.”Three very tense hours later, we were done.. “Well Creed, the admission of your base actions will as good as hang you when you’re tried ... especially when you confess them before the young lady whose image you debased without her knowledge.” She watched him squirm in the shroud at the sweet thought of having her know that he’d been hers to dominate, and now she’d be instrumental in seeing him suffer a humiliation like no other suffered before. Clarissa made sure the thought was indelible, and his masochistic expectations brought to a.
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