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I glanced back at her. I found myself breathing harder. My breasts heaving at times as my mind worked out what the hell I would do about it. I swallow...d hard and saw that Becky was watching me with intrigue. What if Sandy refused? What if I made a fool of myself? What if? What if? What if? Too many what if’s. I pardoned myself from John and said that I was going to the loo. I put my glass down next to Becky. I was breathing heavily. I threw her a questioning and uncertain smile and turned to. Don't get me wrong some of the best sex I've ever had was from some nice thick country girls black and white. In the big cities it was easier to fuck a different female every night but, most times I'd just stick with one or two. I arrived at Jason's house at 9:21. He must have heard me in the driveway because the front porch light came on as soon as I got out of my truck. I grabbed my overnight bag and made my way to the front door. "Come on in Tyler, we've been expecting you," said Jason's. ‘UH GUYS?’ Michelle shrugged. ‘It’d be best to look it up and try to find out one way or the other. BUT do keep in mind on stuff like this, its dates and names that he usually gets wrong. Otherwise on the broad details hes got more than enough for your report.’ *********** The next day they arrived in the rejoin of Two-Peak Pass at about two in the afternoon. ‘Well here we are Two-Peak, what you two home homesteaders think of your place?’ Asked one of the hands rather grimly as he looked over. I’m so fucking dumb. So fucking stupid. I deserve this. I should have seen this coming. After knowing him for 3 years you think I’d get the picture. You’d think I’d know the real him by now. She knew he wouldn’t come back. He had nothing to come back to. There’s no point in me visiting him. Fuck, I am so stupid. I actually believed he’d come back to me, that he’d wait for me. Lies, all lies. She looked out her window at the snow. Soft looking flakes fell from the dark sky, glittering like tiny.
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