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Uski bund aur chitar to itne sweet hai ki dil karta hai ki bas saara din unhe chat te rahoaur choomte raho uska bund dhone ka style bhi bahut alag hai... Main ye sab chori chori dekhe majhe leta tha tabi jindgi mein ek hasin mod aaya. Ek din bahut garmi thi isliye raat ke samay main sirf niker pahan kar ghoom raha tha, meri maa ka dhyan baar baar mere nange badan par ja raha tha unho ne mujhe ek do baar japhi me lekar pyar bhi kiya. Jisse mera loda khada ho gaya jiski sapash thoda unke sarrer se. She swam for twenty minutes or so and then climbed out of the pool. I hurried over to hand her the towel, but she said, ‘You may dry me sissy.’ I wiped her body dry with the towel, enjoying the feel of her body even through the terry cloth material. ‘Thanks Dear’, she casually commented as she walked back into the house. I followed along behind her. Mary walked into her bedroom and summoned me. When I entered the room she was sitting naked on the bed with her legs spread. Smiling, she pointed. Jimmy and I watched as Amanda stood up and lowered her little shorts to her ankles. She wasn’t wearing any panties and her hairy pussy was the nicest thing that either one of us had ever seen. She squatted down and took a worm out of her can, she held it between her legs, and then she peed on it and rubbed it into her pussy before handing it to Jimmy. I just looked at her and she took out another worm and peed on that one too and handed it to me. Amanda then told us to put them on our hooks and. On friendship day she was going out with her friends and me with my 7 friends where going for movie we all wore black tshirt on that purposely to look different she was traveling in same bus I got seat besides her but I dint spoke a single word for 10 km then she only ask me why all of you are in black any special reason Then I started talking with her wished her friendship day and them I used to go in library to meet her got her contact number then chat late night calls and one day she.
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