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”The Cardinal dismounted his horse and walked up to the line, he tried to cross the line, but was unsuccessful. He then dropped his rapier and a kni...e and stepped across the line. “Extraordinary!”As he stood beside Mark, he asked, “Aren’t you afraid that I might attack you?”Mark simply shook his head. “The Federation believes in peace, but do not mistake our desire for peace as weakness. As I told your men last night. The Federation will never start a fight, but we can definitely finish one!. Uski sanse tez hone lag padi . Mai uske gale pe kiss karne laga wo aur tez sasse lene laggi.Mene uske lips pe kiss karna start kiya wo b mera sath dene lagi .. Ham samccoh karne lagge .. Kaya smooch tha wo.. Takriban 10 min tak ham ese hi karte rahe .Fir wo achanak mere se dur ho gaye .. Mene uska hath pakad liya (mai b pyasa tha kafi time se wo bhi). Mene usko apni taraf khich liya .Mene iss baar zayada time na lagete hue kiss karna start kiya lips pe .Fir uske baal hata ke uski garden par. “Abhay Virkrant,” she spoke all of a sudden. “He was in college with Disha. She loves him very much and wanted to marry him.”She then paused for a while. She seemed to be struggling with words to tell me this next thing. She was unable to say it in a proper sentence. But what I understood was this. Disha had told her mother about this affair before marriage. Manda told Disha that her father would never agree to marry her to a man of a lower class.If he finds out about this relationship, her. A wave to them and off we went down the lane. A few hundred yards down there was a farmers gate to a large field, the hedge was about four feet high and a large oak tree seemed a quiet and secluded place to hide away. The gate was locked and we had to climb over, which was okay for me but a bit difficult for my partner. Trying to find a way out of it suddenly she started to unbutton the front of her dress, she had very big boobs and they were inside a lovely black bra and when the last button.
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