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But then I found out she was real.I was sitting at home one night flicking through the channels on my TV, trying to get used to all the new channels came with the cable package I had just subscribed to the week before. I was only half paying attention, but somehow a blonde figure on the screen caught my eye.It was her. She was standing in front of a weather map, talking about the possibility of a storm coming the next day. The name on the bottom of the screen said, "Kelly Frost".I couldn't. Taking a casual stroll out, across the room, bringing a tubber or two something to ease away the days’ stress. I find myself at the closet. Pulling clean towels and robes out… leaving them out on the bench. Returning to my station, taking a moment to rest, maybe enjoy a cold O. J… watching the crowd… waiting. Then the door opens, and the room cries out for my baby. Sauntering in, men and women flock to her side, wanting desperately to run over myself, knowing that I can’t, only allowed a. "Chelsea did as she was told. Phillip lay back and let her go wild on his cock, licking the balls, the shaft and then taking it in all the way to the back of her throat.Beside him, Devon continued to stroke himself. Across the room, Kylie was getting smacked in the face by one of the men's cocks as she writhed in a kind of ecstasy. He then grabbed her face and began pumping away, using her pretty lips, the lips he had lovingly kissed so many times, as a hot pussy."Mmmm," said Devon, "Do you. First thing, let me hit the ATM," he said.The train went fairly quickly, stopping about every twenty blocks. In ten minutes they were at the terminal downtown."This is actually pretty neat, for getting into town," Sandra said.Emily and Richard had to agree.An ATM was right in the foyer of the terminal, so Richard went over to use it. Sandra watched him as he pressed buttons. Taking longer than usual to get ten dollars out, she thought. Emily was over getting a city map from the information.
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