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—- Blackness dragged on and on like the endless abyss. He didn’t know how much time passed but to his shock he bolted awake and coughed up blood ...gain but felt stranger, not dead but not alive? Numb he tried to sit up but a gentle slender hand patted his shoulder and spoke, ‘Shh…it’s alright, Bahman. You’re safe now and answers will come. But first do not panic.’ Bahman blinked trying to rid the blurred vision and soon stared at t hat beauty. Now much closer that usual, he could see the pouty. Tumhara commissioner bhi meri baat nahi kat ta. Tu janta nahi mai kon hu?”“Haan jaanta hu sir! Tax ke paise churane waale, garibon ke paise khane waale aur corruption ke raja ek great income tax commissioner. Aur yahan andar hai apki sabse galti” and I pointed towards ravi. All men giggled but stopped.“Kyun be inspector. Apne aap ko super cop samjhta hai. Tera jaise kitno ka transfer karwaya hai. Abe kya aukad hai teri. Chor de mere bete ko.”“Acha kya kar lenge aap. Sab jaante hein aapke baare. What the hell?" She grumbled with herself, as she sat down in a chair. She looked around, not finding either Erin or Noah anywhere, and wondered where they could be. "Are you going to drop dead? Or should I come back later?" She heard, and turned around, only to find Erin sitting down across from her. "I should hit you." Jamie just simply said. "Should I pull my shorts down and bend over then?" Erin said, as Jamie glared at her. "Why?" She asked."Why pull my shorts down? Because I won't feel it. She couldn't comprehend that a young man like Terry could desire an older woman like her. She then reciprocated by bathing his body in the same manner and working his stiff pole in her hands. She knelt down on the tiles and took him in her mouth and Terry was in heaven too. He pulled away and stepped out of the cubicle and grabbed a couple of towels. He pulled her out and started to dry her off and then himself. "I think this would be a lot better on the bed." They both rushed to the bed, Jean.
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