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You're wondering whether this was a good idea. You didn't warn me you were coming and I'm probably asleep by now. You press the doorbell and wait but's no noise from the intercom, maybe this will be a wasted trip and you should just go home and pretend nothing ever happened. You press it again and nothing happens.Oh well, it was a stupid idea anyway, you shove your hands in your pocket and turn to leave, then the door opens..."Hi" I say sleepily. I'm standing shivering in the doorway. He took me to his car and said we will go somewhere quiet where we can talk and have some fun. We went to this woode area which had a car-park. It was dusk and plenty of cars were coming and parking around us. He asked me what age I was and I told him 16 but would soon be 17. he asked me if I enjoyed the attention he was giving me and I said yes. So he leaned over and put his hand on my crotch and started rubbing my cock. He asked if I would like to feel his and I put my hand over. My cock. College dorms named after you. At the very least, you’ll have very few lonely nights. As one of the lovely gals in "Sex and the City’ once opined, "If a man can do that well, he doesn’t need to do anything else." How true it is.Now, for those of you of don’t know a vulva from a Volvo, a clitoral hood from an oven hood, let’s start with a quick and simple anatomy lesson, so we’re all on the same page when it comes to descriptions. By the way, I prefer to call the area the pussy, as I do in my. ?It was on her orders. I never got mad at him for it just her. > What wasgoing through your head the first time your mumsboyfriend said, "Ok, get naked I'm going to whip you for that"? Confused.? Butshe had told him to, so it wasn't his fault, at least not in my mind.? I was pretty young the first time, and henever hit me very hard at all, almost like he was going through the motionsbecause she had told him to.? What hesaid was "All right young lady, now take off all your clothes", justlike.
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