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Peabody invited me inside it was a hot day and he offered me some ice cold lemonade who could refuse that not me so we went inside and he made me a co...d glass and we began talking about stuff he asked me about girls and who I liked in the area He asked me to call him Dave instead of Mr.Peabody said "Okay Dave!" and he said that's better then he asked me if I wanted to look at a movie I said sure okay so he took me down the basement it was finished with a huge TV and stereo video games you name. Ten minutes later I was ordering a glass of wine in the hotel bar wearing a lemon cashmere sweater and my seamed stockings under a nice grey pencil skirt that nicely showed the bumps of my suspenders. My stockings got the reaction I wanted (needed?). Plenty of guys looked longingly in my direction. I got such a buzz from just walking around the bar and restaurant as sexily as possible. At least once in the bar and once in the restaurant I sat in such a way that my stocking welt must have. Bree moaned. Her fingers were still rubbing Anna’s clit as she unbuttoned her pants with her free hand. Bree then thrust her fingers inside Anna to feel her soaking wet pussy. Her clit was rock hard. Anna slid her hand between Bree’s legs to feel that her panties had become damp. Pushing the panties aside, she poked her finger straight inside Bree. Her pussy was wet and tight and Anna went straight to play with Bree’s G spot. Bree’s body was becoming flushed with how horny this was making her.. I'll drop writers notes in the comments section as always so look out for those and happy reading!~ MenoetesAuthors Note: Hello Dearest Reader. Menoetes here again.I really hope you are enjoying this silly collection of saucy stories or maybe one of my other sordid tales. If you are then please let me know! Writers thrive on feedback and your kind encouragement is what keeps me plugging away at the ol' keyboard for hours on end.So feel free to drop me a quick message, shoot me an email or even.
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