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Sometimes an extreme erection actually prolongs theintercourse, and fortunately this was happening for me. We kept kissing lovingly, sloppily, as we f...cked harder and faster. Momwas really humping now, and my thrusts into her juicy cunt were gettingharder. Mom was constantly making some kind of muffled vocal noise,sometimes words, sometimes groans or hums or almost purrs. Then she pulledher mouth away long enough to say pantingly, "OK, honey, really give it tome now! Fuck me as hard as you. I remember the farm, I remember we stayed a week there one time but all I remember are vague remembrances of the animals and of Uncle Patrick and Aunt Bertha. Why do you ask?" Do you remember we were talking about seeing if I could erase memories?" I asked, and she nodded. "Well it appears that I can! Yes, I guess I really can make them go away. Now what was this about you wanting a repeat performance of Saturday mornings' little tryst? Are you talking about now, or later in your bedroom?" You. “Mark,” the woman said. “I didn’t know a few things back then.”“Such as?” I asked.“How wonderful sex is,” Constance said dreamily. “And how much I need a man like you in my life.”“That’s a horrible reason to give yourself a nasty nickname,” I said.“It’s trashy,” Constance agreed. “But its also what I now know I’ll become.”“What?” Ashley asked.Constance sat up a little and looked over at Ashley. “Would you ever want another man to put his cock in your cunt?”Ashley just laughed. “Um, that would. He found perfection in her.They began to kiss more urgently, instinct guiding their tongues to do their own hungry dance. Their bodies matching each others movements. Hands insistently exploring more of each other. The passion building like flames licking and spreading along their skin until he finally scooped her into his arms and carried her to the small couch in the seating area at the front of the eatery.This was the same couch that she had sat on so many times waiting for a table to open..
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