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I continued to milk it until it stopped and cleaned up myself. Not having anything but a towel in the bathroom ill prepared for that part I wrapped it...around me and head to my room to get some clothes and then back to shower. Bad idea. I should have showered first but who knows if that would have changed anything.Opening the door I faced my grandmother’s face a smirk on it.“So what ya doing in there?” She pulled my towel off.Cum was still oozing from my head though more slowly.“I knew it.” She. She moaned into Mom's pussy but didn't object. Jamie sucked in a sharp breath and squealed in delight.“Ass-fuck our sister, big bro!” she squealed. “Pound her. Ram that big dick into her!”I winked at her and did just that.I thrust into my sister's asshole. Auburn moaned as her asshole widened and widened for my dick. That wonderful delight of her velvety anal ring sliding over the tip of my cock sent such pleasure shooting through my body.And then I was in her.I was sliding to the hilt in her. "James Leonard." Adrienne Costa looked blank for a moment. "The solitary, your people were interviewing him..." Oh, yes. I'd forgotten. Don't worry about it. We didn't really have anything much on him. A couple of my team were a bit pissed to be called off — they'd put some effort in to setting him up — but they'll get over it. I'm sure they'll find another way of meeting their arrest quota. Besides," she lounged back, took another swig from her glass and the opportunity to fondle a passing. “In my ass!” my wife grunted and without further encouragement he did just that. Pulling out of her, I could see her ass yield what looked like a gallon of cum. Slipping off Ten, she turned around and licked Eight clean at which point he slumped onto the bed spent. Ten was still rock hard and looked expectantly at her. Telling her to get on her knees in front of me, he proceeded to fuck her mouth as if his life depended on it. Grabbing handfuls of her hair and feeding his length into her.
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