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’ ‘Yup.’ He bent his head to kiss me. For long moments of delicious silence, we said nothing. His lips moved on mine, warm and soft as always, h...s tongue just teasing me before retreating. I followed, rolling to spread out on his chest as he held me close. Our mouths broke contact only when Christian yanked my shirt off over my head. Then we were kissing again. And again, over and over, teasing and tasting and drawing each other into such heat that I almost couldn’t stand it. ‘Oh, Christian.’. The store provides a separate break area for the smokers, so we often visit about work, life and whatever is going on when we end up on a break at the same time. A few weeks ago I shared a secret with her, and emailed her a link to the site, so that she could read one of the stories that the host was kind enough to post for me, and told her the title (which I posted under a pen name, of course). Anyway, Monday of this week we ended up in the break area alone and she asked me if the story. It hurts but makes me want to burst all at the same time, making me moan at my actions. Repeatedly pinching faster and faster, I start to pant and I can feel that I’m close. KNOCK KNOCK! ‘Shit! Who could that be?’ I think to myself. Maybe someone heard my moans. I get up and wrap the towel around me, thinking maybe it’s just a flatmate wanting to borrow something. I unlock and open the door and before I could do anything I’m pushed back into my room with the door slamming shut and being. She became a pistoning machine. All thought left her. All consciousness fled her mind. She pushed and pushed her stiff tongue to greater depths. Their movements started to synchronise to a devastating rhythm of one, two, one, two, in, out, in, out. The lack of air made her feel dizzy. Her body got limp. Only her tongue held its dutiful rigidity. It pumped and darted. It fucked.The woman's moans rose to screams. She tightened even further. Her thighs stiffened. She started coming. She held her.
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