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There was an ache in her stomach, not like she was sick, but like she was hungry or something. But she wasn't hungry. Between her legs felt ... wet. had never happened before. She didn't know what to do about it. She felt nervous and jumpy too.About then she heard noises of feet coming down the stairs. She made herself busy so she wouldn't have to look Sandra in the eye. When Sandra and Jake came back into the room he said something lame about how since they hadn't found what she needed. Since I had been an actor growing up I made all the right noises and talked dirty and how good it was etc. He either was so excited or wanted to get away fast that he blew after only about 2 minutes. He couldn’t get away fast enough took off the condom and jumped into his car and drove off. Damn that was easy! I took on a couple of more guys that night and made enough for my rent and headed back home around dawn. After that I went back to work on the street most nights. I was making good money. I soon quizzed her what was happening and she replied with a little smile, he wants to fuck me. My heart almost jumped out of my skin. I just replied you know how I feel Bex it’s up to you. She went back on the dance floor and carried on were she left off. Occasionally she was even rubbing his cock through his trousers and could see a big bulge. Bex was really going for it arms rounds is neck talking in his ear, him rubbing up against her rubbing his bulge against her. They finally separated. The nudity does not really bother them–it’s what the nudity portends that makes them nervous. One by one each slips off their top and soon the twelve girls are standing hands on their hips, naked from the waist up. Twenty-four perfectly pert breasts exposed before me, trembling lightly against the night chill, the nipples sharp and erect. Six guys holding paddles attempt to discretely adjust their too-tight jeans.Then it begins. Slowly at first, and then with panicked speed, the girls begin to.
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