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Mark fully committed to taking the evening to taboo places looked at Frank and said, “I’m going to dance with your daughter.” Then he got up an... took Cindy’s hand and went out on the dance floor. Cindy was tall already and in her heels she l was eye to eye with Mark. She bit her lips softly as Mark put his hands on her exposed hips. Cindy put her hands up behind Mark’s neck and leaned into Mark so her fit stomach was pressed against Mark’s stomach. Cindy asked, “Do you like that?” “I. Before getting into bed I would stand at her bedroom door watching her while she slept, hoping that her nightdress would have ridden up or slipped down to expose some part of her body.Becoming more adventurous sometimes I would stand at her bedside leaning over pretending I was kissing her. The first time I actually made contact with her lips, was accidental, while leaning over pretending to kiss her, slightly lost my balance and our lips lightly touched. Backing off immediately I froze. ” She was having trouble talking and I didn’t think it was because of alcohol anymore. While continuing to suckle her big, soft tits, I traced a line softly down her belly with my right index finger and then caressed her lightly under the waistline of her jeans with it. I unfastened the button on her jeans and, with the waistband loosened, slid my other hand down the back of her pants inside her panties so I could fondle those firm, young ass cheeks. I kissed her again while rubbing her. He dropped his water bottle. I enjoyed his look of surprise, hesitation and definite lust. He grabbed my hips and pulled me against him. We both looked at the door and wondered if one of us should lock it. Neither of us did. It was more of a turn-on when there was danger involved. I felt his cock raising against my leg."Oh, your cock is already getting hard. You just make me crazy sometimes. I have had fantasies about you over the last three weeks, you know." ,I murmured, my fingers caressing.
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