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She got me back in her office and made me a cup of teaand got me calmed down and got me to tell her why I was so upset. "So,you're telling me that you...won't be working here anymore," she asked."Oh, I don't know what I'm telling you. I really like working here, butmy parents, at least my Dad, won't allow it. I don't know what to do"and I started sobbing a little again."Well, I'm not suggesting that you do this," she said, "But at eighteenyou're old enough to make your own decisions and maybe you. The writer in her conjured up different scenarios and story ideas.Just as her gaze had made it around the room to the entrance, she saw a man of about six-feet with a body that would make any woman wet her panties – including Callie, who was recently divorced and had sworn off men. His brown hair was cut short and spiked on top. Their eyes met and Callie felt her face getting red so she quickly looked down at her coffee cup.“Excuse me, miss, but the restaurant is quite crowded and I was. Her lips were slightly open and her eyes carried a seductive look. A look that said to me, ‘I want you.’ The pose was a teaser. It killed me. I took my eye away from the viewfinder and looked at her pose with my naked eye. There was visible bulge in my pant. She must have noticed that because there was a naughty smile on her face. I clicked the picture and told her how gorgeous she looked in the pose. She accepted the compliment with a smile. I couldn’t do anything there as her family was right. She found the slight indentation halfway between his balls and his asshole and she pressed into it firmly with the pad of her thumb.Andrew felt an explosion of light behind his closed eyes. His hands grasped her head and his hips jerked up forcing his cock into her throat as the first blast of cum flooded her mouth. She sucked and swallowed as his cock pulsed and his balls released everything he had left in him. She milked his cock for every last drop before pushing the tip of her tongue into.
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