I Would Be Dripping Precum Uncontrollably For...

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”“You do like to look at Matthew, don’t you, Dave?” asked Mia. “Of course I do, Mia,” I replied, hurriedly exclaiming, “but it’s one t...ing to like looking and completely another thing to suck a man’s cock!”“That’s okay, Dave,” teased Mia, continuing, “Let’s start things slowly in that case.”She walked over to her husband, took his cock into her hands and lubed it up. “Come stand in front of me, Dave,” she gently requested. She then guided me in front of her and stood behind me as if to show me. I soon came on the floor and secretly made a small video of their rough and sexy fuck sessions and went back to my room.Now when I enter the room my sister awaits me. With a sly smile on her face and I somehow knew about me jerking off outside mom’s room!Deepa: well someone likes to spy on peopleMe: what are you talking aboutDeepa: oh please don’t act all innocent!Me: uhh what do you want dii just take and leave me right now!She walks up to me and jokingly pats on my semi hard dick!Deepa: well. Tell him or I'll stop...”Sarah struggled."Tell him, or we'll never fuck you again."His wife yelped it out, only now scared, and only at the idea of the stop to this pleasure.“I told her... Oh God, I told our daughter I can’t wait to watch your turn!”“Close… ” De Goth said before her voice changed, sounding exactly like Sarah. "Oh my god, my pussy feels so good Debbie. You can watch. I want you to see. I want you to have this too."Then the voice changed in a monotone. “Oh god, oh please I’ll do. " Any old dicks?" he teased."Of course not, silly," I replied, playfully elbowing him in the ribs as he squeezed my tits a little bit tighter. "Obviously I have to like the men they're attached to first. But once I do, there's nothing better." Nothing better?" he teased again."Well, obviously there are things that satisfy me more directly," I said, jacking him off a little bit faster. He grunted as his breath quickened. "But I like seeing and experiencing a man's unequivocal desire for me.
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