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As they did the man in front bent down and I felt hands on my knees, pushing under my skirt and slowly moving up the front of my thigh's, the woman ju...t looked at me with a sneer on her face, Put your tongue out, I did, Oh yes very nice, we are going to enjoy you."Then everything started to happen so quickly, my jumper was pulled up and hands grabbed my breasts, --Declan barked, "Call them tit's,"--grabbed my tit's and held them while the woman bent forward and started licking my nipples, I. "Sandy said, "Frank, if we fail to make this happen you will pay a big price. Frank, if you don't support this fun your penalty will be severe. This is the penalty: Before you can be inside me again after the scheduled date of the party you will submit to me taking your ass cherry with a strap on. Now if you want to risk that, the deal is on." Sandy was a borderline dominatrix. In the past when we had made a deal like this one and I had lost she denied me sex for several weeks. That was bad. Sue has always got her fair share of looks from the guys, her curvy body and great 38 E cup tits, gave guys a hard on just looking, she always wore a short low cut dress which showed off her body well, even after having the kids she kept her figure and boobs.Sue was preagent with our first child, when I got home one after noon after work, she told me to shower, walking into the bedroom she lay me down and sat on my face, i went to work in her pussy, the fresh cum made my cock jump straight up,. The psychologists had to watch me closely during that timeframe to make sure that I would not do anything to harm myself or the baby. By that time, my mind had already been overrun by the female hormones and I would not have hurt a fly. I was in love with the fact that I had a baby and that he depended on me for survival. It was quite a turnaround from being father material to mother material.I may not be an instinctual mother, but at least I am learning how to be one. I feel that I have a long.
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